Hawaiian Governor Relax State Officials For Second Time Pre-Christmas


The project Thirty Meter Telescope  stands on very vulnerable lines. Governor David Ige and Mayor Harry Kim together took a joint decision to pull state and county law enforcement from the Mauna Kea area. The reason why the law enforcement officials were posted there was because of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope project is facing trouble from the local people. There has been a long standoff and protests surrounding the developments around the project.

The governor said to the reporters that the security personnel will be withdrawn and relaxed as the year end approaches and festive season is approaching. The massive project is estimated to be around $1.4 Billion dollars. The statement made by the governor has given rise to suspicion among the various stakeholders in the project. The protests have started from July and are a burning issue which is doing the rounds at the moment in media circles and has been featured in a lot of political debates around the world.

He cleared the confusion among the project stakeholder saying that the TMT international observatory is not leaving Hawaii and the decision to drop guard does not change anything on the ground. He did not mention when the security personnel might establish their post but told that it all depends on the when the project stakeholders will start the construction again. The project officials have stated that they want the protesters out and that they want the long standing issues of contention cleared which exists between the government of Hawaii and the native Hawaiian people.

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Meanwhile the state officer told the protestors that there were plans to sweeps the road on Dec 26th. This announcement by the officials has created confusion in the minds of protestors and the government. The Thirty Meter Telescope Project is not supported by the native people of Hawaii. The state on the other hand is in full support of the project as it wants the project to continue in full swing.

The activists and the protestors are highly unlikely to leave their strategic position on the Mauna Kea Access Road. The TMT project is scheduled to start construction by the end of August 2021 and the beginning of September. The distance of the project from the site is understandably more than 13,000 foot. There were protestors from the start who were against the construction of the TMT project. This was evident when vehicles and other construction raw material were unable to reach the project site due to the wide spread protests.

The first project started in the year 2015.Whenever the time comes the governor said that state officials will at their disposal if the Hawaii County request them. As of the present announcement by Kim he plans to remove the state police officials by 3:30 p.m. Friday. When contacted over phone on Thursday he hoped that his administration and protestors who calls themselves kiai which means protestors can work towards finding a resolution. He said that he ready to hear from the leaders of the movements and think that they it can work for the benefit. He said that he would be open in granting them permission to be on the side of the road. He said that the governor has again put trust on him and given him the duty of handling the security of the area.

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The leader of the movement Kahookahi Kanuha said to the media that the demonstrators had no plans to vacate the mountain region. Kanuha meet with the chief Limo Kamakau who is the Head of the Department of Land and Natural Resources. The HOD told that this time the police officers were returning on the 26th Dec to arrest all the demonstrators and also might use force to achieve their means.

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