The Main Administrator of TheRealDeal Market Got Vanished


One of the growing dark web marketplaces that specializes in the computer exploits and selling of the stolen data is TheRealDeal Market. The online darknet marketplace has gained a lot of popularity due to some of the wrong reasons that followed its involvement in the sale of the data from a number of massive data breaches that includes data from Myspace and LinkedIn. Nevertheless, a couple of weeks back, the main administrator of the dark web marketplace, TheRealDeal Market, has stopped displaying his online presence. As per the Motherboard, the TheRealDeal Market Admin has not logged into his chat accounts of the dark web marketplace for over 40 days at a stretch without any notice to the users. The sudden disappearance of the main administrator of TheRealDeal Market was first brought to notice by a hacker possessing pseudonym “Peace” who has reported this incident to Motherboard.

Peace stated that the last message from the TheRealDeal Market admin was on 23rd of June and people are not at all sure that how long can the dark web marketplace survive without an administrator. This is not the first time that the dark web marketplace has gone offline. Earlier in July 2015, TheRealDeal Market has gone offline for a few weeks but again came back after a couple of weeks. The owner has said to Motherboard that he was the only free admin at that time. As he stated, the other three administrators of that dark web site were all arrested during the raids that have been carried out at another cybercrime hub known as the Darkode. TheRealDeal Market in this summer has received enough attention as Peace utilized the website to sell the data hacked from many of the mega data breaches. Lately, Yahoo revealed that the company has initiated the investigations soon after the details of 200 million users were advertised by a hacker on TheRealDeal Market.


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