TheRealDeal Market


TheRealDeal Market is a latest darknet market that has been registered in March 2015 and bears no purchases till now. The darknet (TheRealDeal Market Review) website is pretty easy to navigate owing to its simple and user friendly user interface.

The darknet website of TheRealDeal Market contains 733 listings of which 402 belong to the drugs. The darknet market do consists of other categories as well that mostly include, hacking, information, weapons and other services.

It is believed that TheRealDeal Marketplace does not possess FE as FE is allowed on a particular darknet marketplace after a confirmed good reputation and after a certain number of deals. TheRealDeal Market is relatively new in the world of darknet marketplaces and has no deals as of now. Thus, it does not match the criteria of FE. They provide PGP and token / OTP based 2FA.The commission levied by this particular darknet marketplace is 3% or 0.01 BTC which depends on the amount. Seemingly, the website is run by two of the evo admins.


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