TheRealDeal Market Features Thousands of uTorrent Accounts on Darknet


The uTorrent team in June 2016 had issued a security alert that strongly advised the members of the forum to undergo good personal security practices and modify their passwords after a breach was conducted on their database. The actual database breach did take place back in January 2016 about six months prior to the issuance of the security alert. After the security alert, some more of the information regarding the issue was revealed and then it is pushed back. On September 2016, several uTorrent users were shook as their accounts have been compromised and let out for sale on TheRealDeal Market that can be calculated to nearly 400,000 accounts.

The breached database of June 2016 is apparently sold on TheRealDeal Market at a rate of $600 by a user having pseudonym ‘doubleflag’. As per the reports of HackRead, the user ‘doubleflag’ has acquired the sensitive information of 394,769 uTorrent user accounts that includes email addresses and the passwords, each one of which are made available on TheRealDeal Market. The listing of the user even contains passwords that are encrypted with the Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) where some possesses the weaker MD5 hashes.

According to TorrentFreak, TheRealDeal Market vendor has confirmed that he has acquired the data during the first security breach that occurred in January 2016. Even the security site Haveibeenpwned confirmed that the data breach that is responsible for the exposure of the uTorrent accounts is the resultant of the January 2016 breach of their database. Absolutely nothing can be done to reverse the damage of the data breach. But the only thing the security experts can do is to keep a track that the compromised passwords are not in use in the other platforms and websites. This is yet another case where accounts are found on the darknet portals.


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