TheDealersChoice Darknet Marketplace Features Client-Side Encryption


The nuances of the darknet markets create difficulty for the average internet users to completely embrace the dark web and the darknet markets. There are occasional reports of the exit scams that results the dark web clients to lose their users. However, the escrow systems and the other centralized mechanisms have been developed and implemented to protect the buyers and the sellers of the dark web, yet the escrow systems are not cent percent scam proof. The dark web users can sit back and relax as they know that there are alternate systems that are being developed to tackle these problems. One of the latest and the fastest growing darknet markets that have come up as a solution to this problem is TheDealersChoice (TDC).

TheDealersChoice is an open source client-side encrypted service that makes it easier for the dark web transactions to take place and in a trusted way all throughout the distrusted area. The darknet marketplace is written in Go programming language and has been transpiled to JavaScript (JS). Due to the open-source property of the TheDealersChoice marketplace, the source code can be views by anyone and the code is available on the GitHub. The marketplace boasts of having a decentralized operational model that eliminates the requirement for the market administrators to arbitrate any arising disputes among the users. Instead, the TheDealersChoice marketplace permits the use of the third party escrow system from vendors like Bitcointalk. The users who are disputing have to mutually agree on and verify the external escrow that theoretically eliminates the intentional scamming of the consumers and the merchants maintaining TDC as a neutral party.

The main advantage of the TheDealersChoice darknet marketplace is that the market does not take any sides of the disagreeing candidates. Also, the efficiency of the website depends on the third-party escrow system.


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