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The Ultimate Face-Off: BTC vs. USD

Bitcoin has corrected lower scales but it has stayed above the $9150 support against the US dollar. Bitcoin prices need to be a technical structure above the price level of $9000 or below the level to catch up with the BTC and USD pairing. The bulls now seem to be eyeing on the next bullish move to be made by the Bitcoin above the $9400 and $9500 resistance levels. Bitcoin price trends for next week can be a lot like: After a strong upward move along the graph that can bring anyone to the knees of the investor and the stocks are soaring high, Bitcoin has found a bar near the levels of $9,400 against the US Dollar. Recently, BTC and USD has corrected itself lower than the below grounds of the $9,350 and $9,300 levels, but the bears positivity has strained to gain strength on the backs of the marketplace where BTC/USD prices are being directed.

There was a break below the level of the prices of the pair BTC and USD at 23.3% Fib backtrack base of the key upward move from the level of $8,875 low as it went to $9,426 high. The prices have even soared below the bars of the newly set levels of $9,200 as support level of BTC and USD. However, the bulls and their negativity have remained on the right stage of the graph as they continue to live on the edge. The Bitcoin price level is active above the main start point of $9,150 support. It apparently looks a lot like the 50% Fib backtrack standard of the key upward direction from $8,875 low to $9,426 high acted as a strong support to the pairing of Bitcoin fight to BTC and USD face off.


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Which is even more important, this week’s best bullish graph line is just the way it was before with support near the level of the price line touching the graph of $9,210 on the hourly chart rate changes and the rates with which it is moving its pace is great for the BTC and USD pair. Bitcoin price is currently rising and it is trading above the price $9,300 level. The first major bar is around the price level of the $9,420 area. If the bulls manage to move the rock of $9,420 level, there are high chances of a clear movement above the $9,500 resistance area.

In the above mentioned there a lot of things that are to be observed sharply, the prices of Bitcoin is likely to go up towards the point $9,880 and $10,000 levels in the coming sessions which is why there is hope as we see there are internal tensions between both the parties in this face off and their birth nations. As we see when Bitcoin prices are competing with that of the dollar price of the United States, there are a lot of factors that are responsible as there are for the presidential elections of USA and India.


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As we see now on the political territory scenario of the world map the activities of the Iran and their activities with the functionalities of the US is way more important; now that will affect the performance of the USD as well. But it is to see that who will win the BTC or the USD? It is beyond explanation who can be the next king of the world and the stock market, we have to wait for the next few months to note things and maybe after that we can say that who have the potential to win the race between the best currencies of the world.

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