The Hub


The Hub is one of the top forums on the Darknet that has existed since the Silk Road 1. The Hub offers the users with the general purpose of discussing anything related to the darknet marketplaces that involves individual marketplaces and offers or the drug effects, use and the reduction of the harm cased from these drugs. The Hub is fairly a large forum that bears almost 130 thousand posts that have been posted by over 33 thousand users.

There has been a heavy controversy surrounding The Hub on the darknet zone with users divided into two spheres debating on whether or not it is worth visiting the darknet marketplace or the forum in spite of being a fairly large forum on the darknet. In spite of the fact that there is some very useful information available on The Hub, there are a couple of people who are bringing up situations that might be considered as foul play. As for example, there was a phishing link that was posted and supposed to lead to the AlphaBay darknet marketplace that has been alleged causing robbery of over 2000 accounts. Owing to the fact that The Hub is one of the bigger gathering points on the darknet remains and despite this a good portion of the darknet market is advocating against it.



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