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The Grass Company is one of the many darknet markets that the Dark Web raves of. Having been one of the latest additions to the existing list of the Dark Web markets, The Grass Company new dark web market is doing pretty well in all aspects. Thus, it has managed to create a buzz among the users. In this article, we will take you through almost all of the most enquired topics about The Grass Company deep web from how to access, purchasing products, The Grass Company darkweb link and much more.

But before we can get started, we need to provide a small disclaimer. The Grass Company link to the Market Guide of The Grass Company new dark web market has only been curated for the non-technical purposes considering the need of the non-technical people who might have been or in future will be craving for it. This particular The Grass Company deep web Market Guide will be the most essential thing and the ultimate one you will ever need to access The Grass Company link. We recommend all the users/readers to follow the below-mentioned steps so that their privacy is not compromised.

Features of The Grass Company new dark web market

  • Free Shipping on All Packages to Europe – Yes, you heard it right! All the packages that reach to Europe from The Grass Company darkweb link will not include any shipping charges. Moreover, the order against each user/customer will be sent with Free Tracking. The shipping costs will be mentioned as 6 Euros on the envelopes. This rule has been applied on the orders to Europe from 23rd of January 2019.
  • Discounted Strains Availability – The Grass Company new dark web market has lowered all the prices from each of the strains that are made available on the website. A bulk discount is available although Hash, Amnesia Haze and the cheaper Northern Lights do not bear discounts. The minimum price of the strains starts at just 9 Euros and a maximum of 1800 Euro. Here are the price slabs for the same:

1 Gram = 9 Euro

2.5 Gram = 22 Euro

5 Gram = 44 Euro

10 Gram = 85 Euro

25 Gram = 200 Euro

50 Gram = 380 Euro

100 Gram = 750 Euro

250 Gram = 1800 Euro

  • Free Shipping Worldwide – The Grass Company deep web is now shipping their products against no shipping charges worldwide except for USA and AU.
  • They offer reship and/or refund policies for better trade. Also, no refund or reship is initiated for the lost orders or even if it is done on consideration, only 50% of the reship or refund amount is permitted.
  • Products sent through the envelopes can contain a maximum of 15 gram or the ordered supplies while everything will be under the customer’s risk. On the packages with the tracking of 20 gram or more, The Grass Company deep web follows the same policy as Europe.

Accessing The Grass Company link

In order to access The Grass Company new dark web market, you have to have tor browser downloaded in your system along with an active VPN. Once these are done, you need to

Open the Tor and in the address bar enter grasscoiajeytipp.onion.

You will be directed to the homepage. On the left-hand side, you will find the “REGISTER” option through which you have to register yourself if you are an absolutely new customer. If you are a returning customer, choose to “SIGN IN”. Next, you can browse through the products, deposit enough funds to the BTC address that has been provided to you, encrypt your address, place an order and checkout. All the orders will be shipped at the earliest as soon as the payments are cleared.

The Grass Company links that is the mirror or the alternatives are not offered as of now.

You are all set to access The Grass Company Market!


  1. Seller is unreliable, I deposited bitcoins at the address generated by their website and my purchase was canceled. Do not trust this site.


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