The Grass Company Review


The Grass Company New Dark Web Market has been in the dark web for quite some time now and has been one of the most visited darknet markets of the recent past. The truth behind the dark web markets is that though they run pretty smoothly at the beginning, they attract a lot more peril through coming into the notice of the Law Enforcement officials every now and then. Some of them get busted while some escape. There are also instances where after the bust of a darknet market, a new version has cropped up. The best part is they are always available. In this article, we will be discussing The Grass Company Review.

Claims of The Grass Company

Like every product comes with a set of claims, The Grass Company New Dark Web Market too, comes with a bunch of claims. Below are the claims that hold its users and have been proving true since its birth.

  • The best and the biggest online Coffee Shop for all your Hash and Weed needs.
  • The Grass Company has many years of experience in shipping drugs worldwide.
  • Has a solid team that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Solely sell soft drugs such as Weed and Hash.
  • Offer the best special strains of weed of AAA+ material.
  • A minimum of 10 special strains (sometimes a few extra) is offered.
  • Trustworthy darknet market with up to date stealth.
  • Daily shipping of all the products is done from the Netherlands.
  • Quick delivery of the order as the orders gets dispatched within 24 hours of the order placement.
  • Worldwide shipment of products except for Australia and the USA.
  • Availability of tracking details on orders containing 20 grams of products and more.
  • Availability of Reship / Refund for one time 50% of the additional order.

Review & Purchasing Guide of The Grass Company New Dark Web Market

This article is dedicated to the non-technical or non-specialized people of the field who would feel the urge to need it before they get started with the dark web market. All the useful topics have been included in The Grass Company Review such as accessing The Grass Company deep web, purchasing products from the dark web market, The Grass Company dark web link and a lot more.

Most Striking Features of The Grass Company New Dark Web Market

  • All packages to Europe will be shipped free of cost.
  • All packages will come with free tracking.
  • Per envelope can hold up to 19 gram of the product while the envelope with be charged 6 Euros.
  • All the prices of the strains are fair and honest in all aspects.
  • Bitcoin as the payment is accepted as of now and there is scope to implement Monero as payment.
  • The minimum price set for the strains is just 9 Euros per gram that goes up to 6000 Euros for a kilo.

How to Access The Grass Company New Dark Web Market

Below is the step by step guide on how to access The Grass Company deep web:

  • Download and Install the Tor browser.
  • Opt for a premium version of VPN.
  • Run both Tor and VPN simultaneously and take required measures to keep yourself protected.
  • In the address bar of the Tor browser type The Grass Company dark web link onion grasscoiajeytipp.onion and press enter.
  • Register yourself through the option provided in the Home page (in case you are a new customer)
  • Sign in yourself through the option provided in the Home page (in case you are a returning customer)
  • Browse through the products.
  • Deposit sufficient funds to the BTC address provided.
  • Encrypt the address.
  • Place an order.
  • Checkout.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is solely for the purpose of knowledge. Dark Web Link or its team should no way be held responsible for any mishaps occurring due to misuse of the information. We do not promote or suggest the involvement of drugs or related products.


  1. I paid 10 days ago, on their site it is “paid” but they have not sent and no longer reply to messages … scam


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