Attack Hacker, The Cyber Criminals Who Have Carried Lazio To Their Knees Are Still Impersonal. The Russian Line Is Being Investigated: They Were Marking For Money


The investigations are coordinated by the anti-terrorism pool, but there are no suspects after 30 days. Sprite Spider is the name of the supposed gang, which is just interested in making money. The colour yellow for the ransom note has yet to be determined. The amount was never revealed.

Investigators and professionals working on the hacking attack on the Lazio Region have had a nonstop summer. On August 1, the crooks behind the Lockbit 2.0 ransomware that brought Covid vaccination bookings and other citizen services to a halt are still unknown.

There are still no suspect names on the prosecutor’s file, which is being coordinated by the Anti-terrorism pool and the Cybercrime pool.

Last June, cyber criminals appeared in the Lazio Region with unusual access to the computer network. The inquiries led to Russia, which has been dubbed “the place where the pirates dealt the ultimate blow.” The movements that were supposed to turn on the light inside the Lazio network went unnoticed. The indicator indicating the computer network’s security systems are inadequate to the circumstance.

As Copasir’s director of intelligence services, ElisabettaBelloni, clarified. As a result, digital backups and archives were encrypted. However, on July 31, a backup copy was saved, and the data was not lost.The colour yellow for the ransom note has yet to be determined. The whole amount was never revealed. Nothing happened after the countdown, which ended on August 6.

It appears that the duplicate data has not made its way onto the black market, at least not yet. Although there are 795 Lazio Region accounts available on the dark web and potentially for sale. Mail, login credentials, and passwords for servers and services that may have been stolen since the commencement of the unusual logins or in other, previously unknown attacks.

Cnaipic, the National Anti-Crime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures, the postal police’s flagship, is investigating how the hackers gained the credentials of a Frosinone di Lazio Crea employee. It was the access from that computer that caused the Lazio IT system to blow up.

Two weeks ago, the employee, a former Province employee, was heard for three hours. As a person with knowledge of the facts, he became ill shortly after the hearing. The accumulated stress was given a ten-day prognosis by the doctors. The employee’s bitter pill was to have the tax doctor show up at his house two days later.

Agents from Europol and the FBI are also on the case. Sprite Spider, a hacking gang that has been active for months and specialises in post-intrusion attacks intended at spreading ransomware, is a gang driven solely by financial gain.

The Leonardo firm, which has provided IT security consulting to the Region for the past two years, is creating a report for the investigators in which they will report on the IP addresses of the computers and how many have been “infected.”ErmenegildoZegna’smaison, Sittel, the notaries’ order, Erg, and Tiscali were all targeted by the same hacker group that assaulted the Lazio Region. Another attack was made on the IT behemoth Engineering towards the end of July, for which it is unclear whether the corporation has filed a complaint.


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