Watch Out! Texting Scam Can Hijack Your Emails


Cybercriminals and scammers just won’t quit these days, will they? Not only are we being bombarded with more robocalls and phishing schemes than ever before, but the bad guys have also even taken to crashing our phones with malicious texting scam messages that implode phone operating system when the user opens his/her mobile phones. It’s a crazy world out there, and the worst offenders just seem like they’re getting even bolder.  In fact, a new type of texting scam has taken the world smartphone this time. A security flaw has emerged that can allow malware itself on your phone and spy on your incoming emails. If the user accidentally opens the wrong text message, your private emails could end up on the dark web for even more hackers to look at. Here’s the latest on this message texting scam and how you can protect yourself from the nosiest criminals on the web.

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Smartphone operating systems are no stranger to scams, cyber-attacks and security flaws. Recently, hackers found a way to crash iPhones just by sending corrupted text messages. Now, cybercriminals have perfected their craft to introduce an even more devastating text message attack that threatens millions of phones. All hackers need is the right set of circumstances and loopholes in the system.

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And sure enough, security researchers at Check Point Research have discovered that a wide swath of Android phones is vulnerable to security holes found in the onboard text messaging application. If any phone user opens a text message containing malicious code, a hacker can easily gain access to the device’s email settings, which would allow them to intercept and spy on emails with ease. Since this flaw is at the root of the operating system, only phone developers can issue a fix to correct the issue.

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