Teenager Purchasing Firearm from Dark Web Handed 16-Year Jail Sentence


Kyle Davies, the teenager who fantasied about carrying out a mass shooting, leading him to buy firearm on the dark web, has been handed a 16-year jail sentence. The 19-year-old, took to the dark web to buy a Glock 17 handgun, together with five rounds of ammunition, after planning to carry out a massacre in his neighbourhood. Reports state that, Davies even citied Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who carried out the 2011 mass shooting in Oslo and the culprits behind the columbine high school shooting as his inspiration.

Image source: theguardian.com

Davies’s package, however, didn’t make it to his intended address as it was intercepted by Homeland Security agents at the Newark airport in New York in 2018. His arrest came afterwards as homeland security sent information to the local police who then delivered a replica of his package to his residence.

Davies, however, denied any accusation and instead stated that he had ordered the gun on the dark web to commit suicide, something he had contemplated about for quite some time.

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The police executed a search warrant two days later in his bedroom and found a flash drive with over 1000 pages of explosive and massacre related content as well as a note pad with information and steps of committing a massacre in it. One of the writings in the notepad was a letter addressed to the police. Another book found in his room had a listed range of equipment needed to carry out a mass shooting. The materials included boots, gloves, a leg pistol holder, chemicals for explosives, body armour, a trench coat, and a gas mask.

Davies also had a book which had a drawing of 77 stick people, depicting the victims of the Oslo mass shooting carried out by Breivik. Davis had a specific software which he used in wiping all his browsing history anytime he visited the dark web. He, however, didn’t use it on the day of his arrest, leading investigators right to his browser history for the day. Davies had tried to obtain information on how to clear a Glock 17 as well as details of UK firearms laws and officers.

At his trial at the Gloucester crown court, Davies was unanimously convicted by a jury after two weeks for attempting to possess the ammunition with intent to endanger life and attempting to purchase a firearm with intent to endanger life.

During his sentencing, Judge Paul Cook told Davies that, a package he, had ordered from the dark web, arrived at his Gloucester residence on June 20, 2018, and that he tried to obtain a Glock 17 handgun and five rounds of ammunition. Judge cook also stated that Davies had the intention of endangering life in a mass shooting at some point in his life.

Davies was also handed a synchronous six-month prison sentence for charges of making indecent images of children, which he pleaded guilty. This charge was related to over 200 photos and two videos which were found on his flash drive.

Davies’s defence council, Peter Binder, argued that his client was suffering from autism and depression, having been diagnosed a few months ago. He stated that there were many contributing factors which led to Davies developing a mania for mass shooting hence him trying to purchase an illegal firearm on the dark web. Mr. Binder added that his client could no longer differentiate between the regular internet and the dark web because he wasn’t his self.

Mr. Binder added that his client needed help rather than jail time. Which he pleaded guilty to, Davies also pleaded guilty to charges of evading the prohibition on the importation of firearms and ammunition and was again handed an eight-year jail sentence which was also to run synchronously to his 16-year jail sentence.

According to court documents, Davies had a budget of over £10,000 for his failed mass shooting plan. The budget included the firearm and ammunition he bought on the dark web, procedures and other equipment needed.

Davies reportedly was an A-level student who had his eyes set on going to one of the top universities in the country, before drifting apart from that dream due to his sick fantasies which were going to cause pain and suffering.

Source: The Guardian

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