Finnish Police Accuses Teenager of Being Behind the Major Darknet Drug Ring


An 18 year old teenage boy is suspected to be at the center of a major darknet drug ring operated in Finland. The suspect used to operate under the pseudonym “TeknoJeesus” on the dark web’s Tor network. He was alleged to be the mastermind of the highly organized crime system that involved selling and distribution of the illegal drugs. The teenager was arrested by the law enforcement officers of the Southern Finland while in the crackdown on their crime syndicates that dealt with the illegal drugs on the dark web.

In August 2018, the suspect’s residence was raided by the law enforcement officers. The officers have successfully seized a good amount of the illicit drugs that includes amphetamines, ecstasy, MDMA and Cocaine from his residence and in three outdoor locations. Adding to this, the raid provided them access to his 22,000 Euros in cash along with a handgun. However, the police force did capture the teenage boy yet, the crimes still continued.

The police had found out another 21 year old suspect has been continuing the business along with the first suspect’s accomplices. In November of the same year, all the suspects were arrested. At the end of the preliminary investigation on the major darknet drug ring, the cops could have their hands on the good quantity of the illicit drugs like 80 grams of methamphetamine, 1.3 kilos of MDMA, almost 3000 pills of ecstasy, 60 grams of cocaine, cannabis, ketamine and a small quantity of LSD. All the findings were handed over to the prosecutor’s office. The detective inspector, Rauno Jamsa have reported that the force has been keeping a watch on the suspect named “TeknoJeesus” on the dark web and they could establish that the suspect was one of the most active drug dealers in the ecosystem.


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