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Scam Rap: Teejayx6 songs have been the new fascination in the town. His songs have a different tune shape and have a deal with an all-new topic that has been never been heard or seen before. Music has always been the medium to express views ideas and bring in public attention among the masses. It has in the past been a source of inspiration for the musician to write critical scripts and lines which deals with politics, sports, popular culture, dissidents and sometimes pure entertainment.

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Teejayx6 a young rapper from Detroit a city in the United States is singing in a different tune. His songs deal with credit card fraud, identity theft, fake Instagram sale, and other illicit and dark activity that usually takes place in people daily lives. Most of this fraud occurs due to the unawareness among the public at large or due to the lack of knowledge about how the system works. As teejayx6 would call his own original composition of the new brand of music scam rap.

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His songs deal with creating awareness and letting the general public know about the threats these scam can have on their daily lives and how to bypass these act of forgery by staying alert and conscious whenever they come across one. Scam rap also has secondary agenda that is to expose the criminals and fraudster that operate behind the veil and cloak of shadow to extract hidden confidential data from the organizations and corporations and make money out of the transaction. Usually, this activity has seen a sharp rise in the past couple of decades and the internet has been a major catalyst to it which also has the dark web. It is on this Dark Web criminals thrive by using all kind of latest technology where nothing can be tracked which leaves law enforcement nowhere lead to catching up to. His songs like Swipe Lessons, Dark Web and Fraudulent Activity give a step by step lesson for the user about issues of VPNs, BINs and magnetic card readers.

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