Street Dealer Pleads Guilty To Dark Web Drug Related Charges


A Retford street dealer, who sold drugs he bought off the dark web has pleaded guilty to charges against him. Stephen Henry-Palmer, the culprit, run a dark web drug scheme where he sold controlled substances both on the dark web and also on the streets on his neighborhood. The street dealer only accepted payment in Bitcoin for his business on the dark web.

The street dealer was arrested after the police traced and arrested two of his buyers, during an undercover operation. According to court documents, one of the dealers’ regular customer in his neighborhood, found his dark web page and decided to place an order. The customer paid for a prescription drug with Bitcoin and had it mailed to him.

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Henry-Palmer continued to juggle his dark web prescription drugs serves as well as the one in the streets until his arrest. One of the buyers traced and arrested by the police, also claimed to have found the name and e-mail address of the street dealer on a forum on the dark web. Court documents revealed that, this buyer had been making purchases from Henry-Palmer for years on several occasions. In one instance, he ordered 100 Diazepam at once, a prescription drug used to treat muscle and anxiety and paid with Bitcoin.

Additional reports state that, the other buyer traced by the police, also bought over 100 Diazepam at once after he found Henry-Palmer’s dark web page and like all his customers, he also made payment in bitcoin. A search on the 30-year-old street dealer’s home in Retford uncovered a large quantity of class ‘C’ drugs, according to the prosecutor at Nottingham Crown Court, Jon Fountain.

Henry-Palmer of Broad Gores North, Clarborough, during interrogation, told the police that he was buying the drugs off the dark web for his own use and not to resell them. He initially denied any knowledge on dark web drug dealing as well as selling controlled substances on the streets of Retford. The street dealer stated that, he bought Zanex off the dark web for just a couple of times. Zanex is a prescription drug used in treating anxiety and panic disorders.

Additional investigation by the police, revealed that, Henry-Palmer was buying other prescription drugs from the dark web but not Diazepam or Zanex. The police also found packages, receipts, images of receipts and e-mails that match the kind of substances he was supplying.

The street dealer however, pleaded guilty to supplying Diazepam and Zanex, and possessing with intent to supply Diazepam and Zanex. He had no prior convictions and argued that he had some mental issues that he only treated with the prescription drugs. Prosecutor Fountain told the court that: “The Crown suggests a degree of sophistication exercised by Henry-Palmer; anonymity provided but entirely undone by his own record-keeping.”

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He added that, the defendant played a significant role in street dealing over the internet of Class C drugs. Prosecutor Fountain stated that, over 21,300 tablets were recovered and it was clear that Henry-Palmer was sourcing them in this country and later importing from France and India.

Henry-Palmer was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence, suspended for two years. Judge James Sampson, presiding, told him it was clear he had ‘genuine medical issues both mental and physical. Judge Sampson added that, his medical condition however didn’t deter him from engaging in dealing in controlled class ‘C’ drugs from the dark web.

“What is particularly serious about this is offense is that you were effectively dispensing drugs which are ordinarily controlled and available only by a prescription from a doctor,” Judge Sampson stated. He continued by saying that Henry-Palmer’s medical condition and genuine ill health is what saved him but cautioned him that, it will not save him again.

No Bitcoin address has since been traced but reports state that, the dark web marketplace Henry-Palmer was dealing on has being shut down.

Source: Nottingham Post

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