Dark Web Shares Logins From Over 40 Streaming Services


Netherlands based cybersecurity firm Irdeto’s recent report reveals that the login credentials of multiple online streaming services can be spotted on the dark web for even less than $9. The digital platforms those of whose logins are put up on the dark web for sale include Hulu, Netflix, HBO and DirectTV and many others. The Global Consumer Piracy Threat Report of 2018 reveals that the stolen credentials of streaming services were up for sale in more than 15 darknet markets by over 69 vendors. A total of 854 listings of over 42 different over-the-top (OTT) media services have been spotted. The report also states that the average amount payable against each sale of the login credentials in the dark web varies from vendor to vendor while it can be calculated around $8.81. It has also been seen that some of the vendors are claiming higher price while the others are selling at a lower cost. To check for the authenticity of the login credentials, the researchers have even reviewed the ratings that have been left by the buyers.

Once the buyer becomes interested they would buy the login information that included a username and a password. With the acquired login credentials, they can easily login into the streaming service and enjoy watching the digital content without the slightest knowledge of the user or the account owner. The ratings did not go in vain as most of the ratings were positive and also the reviewers left some positive reviews as well for the vendors stating that the usernames and the passwords indeed worked for them. Irdeto has provided a disclaimer that says that they have not bought any login credentials of streaming services from the dark web since they were more focussed on the study. This has been a huge hit as a lot of people responded with positive feedback.


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