Credit Card Data Theft: Fake Deals Black Friday 2019


Cyber-security experts have issued a warning to customers about the fraudulent Black Friday deals happening this year. Black Friday sales this year are underway, and many scammers are looking to seize the opportunity to defraud many customers, looking to grab incredible deals on products. Black Friday sales events happen every year, where retailing giants such as Costco, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy offers terrific deals on their best products available. Prices are usually sliced down, with significant discounts also topping it off. Amid all these amazing deals happening, scammers have also resorted to selling stolen credit card details on the dark web to customers to use in buying products in this year’s sales event. 

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According to cyber-security experts, most scammers are advertising their fraudulent deals to other criminals via the messaging platform Telegram. These fraudulent deals include credit card details being offered at a meager price, fake links to Black Friday deals, and discounts to customers on the dark web. These scams are designed to look like just some regular black Friday link to great deals and discount, while beneath that, is a plot to steal a user’s credit card information


Once a customer who receives these kinds of link, click on them, their credit card information is stolen and used to make expensive purchases on the dark web before the owner even gets to deactivate his or her card. Another fraudulent plot used by scammers looking to rip off customers in the Black Friday sales is fake coupons, circulating on social media giants Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and messaging app WhatsApp. 

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These fraudulent coupons are offering up to 85% off deals, comes with a unique code to unlock the offer and is being forwarded by scammers to these social media sites. Anytime a user receives his offer and enters his or her details to unlock it, their credit card information is saved and later sold on the dark web for as low as $25.


During these annual sales, over millions of people log online and offline, looking to make purchases, causing bank servers to be bustling, and cybersecurity experts have described that ‘rush’ as the perfect time for credit card frauds. These experts have also warned customers to stay put and wait until the actual time for the Black Friday sales, which is just a few days before November 29, this year. Many dark web platforms for scammers are seeing an increase in customers, as these other criminals are looking to snap up credit card information for sale.


According to cybersecurity experts, most of these marketplaces recorded relatively low engagement or activities as compared to other dark web sites, which sold counterfeit drugs, illegal firearms and ammunition, and child pornography, before this year’s sales event. These experts have also advised customers to avoid any fishy link and only view Black Friday deals and offer from only the retailers. This change in event means many criminals are looking forward also to get good deals and discounts on stolen credit card information of people who fall victim to these scams. 


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