Bitcoin & Agora: Every Transaction Outside State Control Juncture Succeed


The crypto-economy bears meaning that varies from person to person. As for example, since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, some of the individuals have used digital currencies as a form of agorism (agorists) which otherwise known as the counter-economics. The belief of these people is that utilizing Bitcoin as a tool to avoid the state harassment is one of the key features of the technology having the potential to reduce the manipulation and civil abuses that is perpetrated by the government bureaucracy.

With the introduction of the Bitcoin network, several libertarians have connected with this technology. The bunch of ideologists who believe in free markets, protection of property rights and anarcho-capitalism have all referred Cryptocurrency a tool that can be used as weapons against the central controllers of the world’s money. The Agorists appreciated the Cryptocurrency as the means to avoid state harassment and civil abuses like the taxation. Due to the fact that the digital currencies like the Bitcoin and others as well can be used in a private or anonymous manner if the user are willing to then the people who live counter-economically can cease the funding of wars, corruption, oligarchy and the police state.

Agorism finds its roots from the Greek word “Agora” that literally means “open markets” while the philosophy of the counter economics was first coined by Samuel E Konkin III (SEK3) who was a libertarian philosopher. Konkin stated that agorism is the final strategy for living free as it involves any types of voluntary exchange but at the same time ensures the state is removed from the situation. The Agorists take part in the black markets and operate under the noses of the state including the gray area which implies that they avoid taxes and a lot of things. To give you an simple example it can be the cyber-criminals and other individual participants.


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