Find Places to Spend BCH Using


The arrival of the latest application known as the “” has brought about a gala time for the Bitcoin enthusiasts all around the world. The lists out all the locations that accept the decentralized digital currencies like the Bitcoin cash directly. The website also offers information a regarding the hundreds of the bars, restaurants, stores and hotels across the globe that accepts the electronic cash without any intermediaries.

The is a platform or a community project that has been opened to the new participants and the developers, has a web-based version and as well as a mobile app for the Android devices. All of the venues that are displayed on either of the platforms that is website and mobile app accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or dash. While some of the other shops also accepts or take  Bitcoin Core (BTC). Some of the restaurants and bars also provide up to 20 percent discounts on the first BCH payment you make to them.

The brains behind the believe that anyone who is having the Cryptocurrency should be supporting the growth of its value by actively promoting and spending it. The app’s Google Play Store states that Bitcoin possesses value just because it can be used as a mode of payment and if it cannot be used for the real world p2p payments, then it will never reach its potential. The developers of the platform belonging from a group called as “The Real Bitcoin Club” notes that their goal is to promote the adoption of the Cryptocurrencies without the participation of the payment processors and the government engagement. They also suggest using dash and Bitcoin cash as they possess low transaction fees that permit everyone to participate especially in regions like Asia, Africa and South America.


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