SmokersCo is a not so old vendor shop that has been doing well since the start and performs almost the same function as the other darknet markets out there. The clean user interface is not the only thing that has attracted so many numbers of users since then, but the availability of Bitcoin as the payment method and the quality of the products offered is what made the market one of the most favourite vendor shops of the current time. In this SmokersCo Review article, we will disclose all the facts related to the vendor shop from how to access the shop, purchasing the products, SmokersCo dark web link or the SmokersCo onion url and a lot more.

We will definitely start off with the products available in the vendor shop as you might have been so intrigued to know about them. But before we do so, a small disclaimer is what comes mandatory in the first place. The market guide or the SmokersCo review is solely intended for the informational purpose or non-technical purposes and has been created for the non-technical people only proving to be beneficial for them in the long run. All the readers and the users of SmokersCo are hereby recommended to abide by all the steps that has been mentioned herein just for you in order to have a safe and secure surfing.

Products Sold Under SmokersCo

It being a vendor shop dedicated for the sale of smoking related products offer only two basic categories of products such as:

  • Weed
  • Hash

But this is not it! They also offer Weed and Hash in all forms. You need to checkout their website for an in-depth knowledge of their product list and pricings.

Accessing SmokersCo Vendor Shop

Accessing SmokersCo vendor shop is quite easy. But to begin with, you have to download and install the TOR browser and as well as activate the premium version of any trusted VPN. As soon as you run both of them, you are ready to get into the SmokersCo shop. Now

Type the SmokersCo onion url or SmokersCo dark web link 7tllqrhac6nugool.onion

You will be directed to the homepage of SmokersCo vendor shop that gives you the list of some best selling products. You can definitely checkout the other pages under the website. In a black ribbon to the right, you have the Login option, which when clicked will take you to two forms; on the left the login form and to the right is the register form. If you are a new user, you have to register first and then log in. For returning users, they can use the login form to undergo purchases. After you are logged in, you can select products to cart and then proceed to payment and checkout.

This brings us to the end of the SmokersCo Review. Now you are all set to access the website to the fullest.


  1. This is a really good site with people who actually gives a shit about their customers, ordered a item came 5 months late due to it being lost twice while transport, third reship arrived after communication with the staff.

    As for the product itself – it’s some good shit, smells good and puts my ass to sleep.

    Will definitely be buying from them in the future, just be patient with the delivery.


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