SmokersCo Vendor Shop: Top-Tier Smokeables Market On The Dark Web


Are you quite anxious to get into a dark web vendor shop that is solely dedicated to smokeables? Well, think of it, and SmokersCo vendor shop comes to mind. The darknet vendor shop is not a very old one established on the Tor network, and neither has it been created too recently. Standing somewhere around over two years amidst the darknet market’s constraints every other day, the SmokersCo vendor shop is one of the best of its kind.

It is needless to say that the SmokersCo vendor shop has grown enough to give tough competition to its competitors in a minimal time. This compels us to discuss the dark web vendor shop in detail. However, this discussion is not limited to its features and products. It goes far beyond that, where we let you enjoy the tor-based market thoroughly through the SmokersCo vendor shop link.

Outstanding Features Of SmokersCo Vendor Shop

By far, there have been numerous vendor shops on the dark web, some autonomous, some not. But, the smokeables-based deep web vendor shop is incomparable. Let us get a clear insight into the vendor market.

Design & Interface

Can we take a moment to appreciate how clean and subtle the user interface is? The website is much appealing to the eyes. On entering the SmokersCo vendor shop, the first thing you can spot is the header with the SmokersCo logo and a couple of options – Home, Online Shop, Wiki, Reviews, Support, Log In, Currency and Cart. Following this, a sliding banner runs pretty smoothly. Next, there is some content about the marketplace and its top features. The following segment bears some random products with their ratings and reviews. After this, we have a News section where the latest inclusions and bug fixes and other related news are shown in snippets. On clicking the “More” option, you will be taken to the list of changes. Finally comes the footer segment containing contact information, categories, navigation and payment. 

Products & Categories

The SmokersCo vendor shop is a smokeables shop on the darknet and focuses only on weed (cannabis/marijuana) and hash. The marketplace bears a good collection of high-quality products. They claim that all the varieties of weed are conserved in a climate-control room for perfect storage. 

Currently, the weed category contains the following A+++ listings:


  • Runtz
  • GMO Cookies
  • Sour Diesel
  • Bubba Kush
  • Berry White
  • Slurricane
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Blue Dream
  • Do-Si-Dos

The hash category comprises the following A+++ listings:


  • Moroccan O.G Kush Pollen
  • Moroccan White Widow Hash
  • Moroccan Royal Gorilla Eggs
  • Moroccan Critical Pollen
  • Moroccan O.G Kush Eggs
  • Moroccan Kristal Hash
  • Moroccan Khardala Hash

The products in the categories are subject to alterations from time to time. You may check the news section to stay updated about the entry of new products. On the individual categories page, each product bears specific details such as product name, ratings, number of reviews, where the product has been grown, the exact composition of the product in percentages and the starting price. On opening a particular product, you can know if the product is in stock, choose the quantity of products and add them to the cart. Usually, the pricings are shown in Euro. But you can select your specific currency to view, such as USD, GBP and BTC. 

Other Features

  • It is a single-vendor marketplace and is entirely wallet less.
  • Registration is not necessary to browse products and listings. But, to place an order, registration is mandatory.
  • They accept payment in Bitcoin (BTC) for now. We hope to see an integration of other cryptocurrencies as well.
  • They have a solid reship policy where they offer 100% reship in case your package gets lost or stolen. Additionally, they provide reship in case your package happens to have lost weight.
  • The market uses pesticide-free crops for the products.
  • A host of countries are serviceable such as – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Malta.
  • The SmokersCo vendor shop offers PGP encrypted messaging services. However, it lacks traditional multisig and escrow support.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.


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