Brand New SLP Explorer to Help Examine Token Universe Built on BCH


Along with the Bitcoin Cash network (BCH), the world of token creation has grown a lot. On Wednesday, a new Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) explorer has been launched by the Blockparty’s developer that provides the users with the ability to browse the SLP tokens built on the BCH chain. The growth of the coin creation over the last month and the token movements following these unique creations are all available on the or the Tokendb browser.

The experiments of the BCH community with creating all kinds of the SLP Tokens by now and sharing them across the internet are known to most of the parties. . Various kinds of tokens have been created by the BCH supporters since the launch of the SLP project launched on the BCH network in August 2018. SLP tokens can be referred to as the transaction within a transaction due to the fact that the token information is stored in an output known as the OP_Return that is tethered to a very minute fraction of the BCH.

Over the last month, the production of SLP tokens has gone up higher permitting the BCH supporters to design all sorts of the special coins. The SLP explorer launched by the developers behind the Blockparty and provides the glimpse of the token action taking place on the network. The latest platform allows all the users to browse the SLP tokens that are created on the Blockchain and track them implementing various ways.

One of the most luring aspects of Tokendb is the Token Graph setting that represents a graph-like interpretation of the following token creation and their transaction. The graph represents each SLP Token that is built on the BCH network and assure that all the coins can be tracked more easily implementing the visual representation.


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