Interview with the Chief of Slovenian Police Chief “Tatjana Bobnar”


Slovenian Police Chief: Slovenia has a new police chief and her new name is the Tatjana Bobnar. In her first year at office she is happy to announce that crimes in Slovenia have gone down by 50%. As crime has come down a lot, cybercrime has not come down. The main reason for this is the lack of ability of the Slovenian Police force to investigate the complex issues. The crime clearance system has increased from 47% in 2028 to 50.2% in 2019, which according to the head of the Slovenian police head is the success of the entire department but not of individuals.  Speaking to one of the leading new agency the chief compared the police department to a postage stamp. The chief is the first female head of police force in the history of the country and proudly mentioned that now the number of cases the authorities deal relating to corruption and crime has greatly increased and is on the rise.

According to the police chief handling case of corruption has become the number one priority for the Slovenian law enforcement agency. Cybercrime on the other hand is a problem especially when it is carried out through the dark Web. The cybercriminals carrying out these attacks with the aid of dark web use electronic currency, leaving behind dispersed digital traces, which the authorities do not have the resources to tackle. Last year the police department have been given adequate support from the government as the department have acquired equipment to examine huge amounts of data on seized electronic devices, and the force has also established a computer forensic  investigation centre and special cybercrime divisions at police departments. But the Slovenian Police Chief admitted that the despite these help and support in part of the governemnt, there still needs a lot of work that is needed to be done.

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The Slovenian police are now able to monitor telephone calls but are still ill equipped to decode the encrypted communication. The constitutional court has prevented the authorities to use the from using IMSI catchers, devices that mimic or copy mobile phone towers to intercept mobile traffic, as well as the system for automatic license plate recognition. Slovenia is one of the few countries that does not have a law in place to deal with these problems, so that the country can provide road safety to its people. The police are not demanding to be allowed to exercise general surveillance but a system that will monitor anything that is irregular or suspicious.  The police department will be lobbying hard to make any changes and amendments in the police task and power acts this year taking into account the constitutional court’s guidance in annulling the respective provisions.

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However the Slovenian Police Chief is wondering if it is in anyone interest if the law enforcement is able to decrease the crime rate in the country. Infighting cybercrime, which as a rule needs a joint efforts that needs contribution from various sources, guidance and rules and regulation that are framed at the top level are of most important factor. The rules and regulation the police chief is talking about is at the European Level.  She also added that the by framing such rules, it will benefit the Slovenian law enforcement agency in terms of information and data along with other agency like the Europol and the Interpol.  The police departments have seen a exponential rise in number of cases relating to child sex abuse and pornographic material dissemination. According to the numbers quoted by the think tank “National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children” the figures rose from 2,000 in 2018 to 3,000 in 2019.

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