Silk Road Investigation: Possibility of a Third Corrupt Agent Involvement


The defence attorneys for the Silk Road owner Ross Ulbricht have claimed that they have substantial evidence that indicates a third rogue cop who is involved in the operations of the lately defunct darknet market. With this, the Silk Road case has taken a new turning point. Although the government has dismantled the total operation, the online black market saga took a new turn as the attorneys mentioned that the “Dread Pirate Roberts” might have worked with an investigation agent who is till unidentified and is unknown to the investigating commitee. The unidentified agent has deliberately sold the operator information of Silk Road related to the Silk Road Investigation and later on deleted the evidence.

With the new revelation of the events, the defence attorneys of the Silk Road creator Ulbricht, now point out that the user of the account could possibly be an individual having a law enforcement background and had information (vital) with him . Or another assumption could be that the culprit is another duplicate “Dread Pirate Roberts”. It was in the November of 2016 when the defence attorney decided to send a letter to the Maryland’s office of the attorney that revealed that they are in possession of a substantial evidence of the unexplainable procedure. In the letter, the attorneys have expressed that after the unknown government agent has accessed the DPR forum account, he had deleted all the exchanges information as soon as the government seized the servers. Various Silk Road forums have had referrals of him under the aliases “notwonderful” and “albertpacino”.

A large portion of the letter on the Silk Road investigation contained explanation of the notion that the unknown government agent used untraceable ways to leak crucial information about the Silk Road darknet market and tried to conceal himself by erasing the records.


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