Silk Road Case: Alleged Vancouver Man Put Behind Bars


The authorities of the law enforcement have arrested a 42 year old accused on the charges of the drug trafficking that is linked to Silk Road which is a now defunct darknet market that was shut down in 2013 by the FBI. The police obtained a warrant and have arrested James Ellingson who is the suspect residing in Vancouver. His charges included money laundering conspiracy between 2011 and 2013, the conspiracy for the importation of narcotics and also the conspiracy to violate the U.S. laws on narcotics. The accused has also suspected to be connected to a murder for hire plot that was supposedly commissioned by the founder and head admin of the Silk Road. The evidence indicated that the accused allegedly sold the illicit drugs through the darknet marketplace some of which even included heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. The U.S. nevertheless had requested that he should be kept in custody since he possessed criminal records within this jurisdiction and that he has allegedly earned profit of $2 million from the online sale of the illegal drugs on Silk Road.

As stated by the U.S. investigators, Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the Silk Road communicated with Ellingson and has sent him Bitcoin payments that he received under the username “Redandwhite” that is a separate identity from the ‘Marijuanaismymuse’ pseudonym involved in a supposedly murder for hire plot. Investigators stated that RedandWhite who was advertising as a hitman was hired by the Silk Road founder who was then known as “Dread Pirate Roberts” to pull off a hit on his behalf. There has been no evidence that suggests that even a hit was actually made that is why it is suspected thet the intentions of RedandWhite were to scam the Dread Pirate Roberts out of his money by pretending to be a hitman.


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