Silk Road 3.0 Resurfaces the Dark web


The Silk Road 3.0 has resurfaced the dark web on 7th of May 2017 with a new set of security updates, a new marketplace design, a new login design but the same old admin team. According to the, it was allegedly taken down due to some security upgrades in January 2017 and since then it was offline for quite some time. Some of the users immediately suggested that there has been an exit scam. The same thing has earlier happened to the Crypto Market as the admin of both the dark web markets are same. But after the comeback of the Crypto Market, it has been described as one of the most secure market on the dark web today. With this, it is expected that the comeback of the Silk Road 3.0 with bring forth safe, secure and more reliable Silk Road.

The idea of Silk Road and its continuity has been influenced by the Silk Road’s initial version where Ross Ulbricht was the admin of the dark web market. And despite of the epic downfall of the original Silk Road, the Silk Road will continue to grow and show its presence. There have been a lot of incidences prior to this where the Silk Road has been taken down again and again but it kept on coming back with a new avatar. The great thing here is that the admin of the Silk Road has gone offline for some months owing to the fact that they are really working hard to have an advanced security upgrade. It has been found out that the admins of the Silk Road is more concerned about the anonymity and the security of the website and as well as the users than the money. This is an extension of the original marketplace which was first set up by Ross Ulbritch.



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