Significance of Law Enforcement Education on Dark Web & Cryptocurrencies


Law Enforcement Education: The international crime has routed them to the digitalization that has made the global law enforcement to be aware and seriously look down upon the matters. The criminals have shifted gradually from being just the robbers to the tech savvy syndicates. Now-a-days, the crimes do not employ the traditional format of the crimes but have turned them into a group of the white-collared criminals who operate in a rather safe way. Now and in the future, it seems that the schemes employing frauds have grown out stepping in the Cryptocurrency zone increasing their popularity in the dark web platforms.

Additionally, the risks of losing money through various scams have led people to walk in the pathway of Cryptocurrency. Thus, it can be clearly stated that various forms of Cryptocurrency proves to be the perfect venue for hiding the “dirty money” that has created difficulties for the authorities to investigate the crime sourced finances.

A study on the Cryptocurrency including Monero and Zcash focuses more on this argument as most of the virtual coins were created by the money launderers focussing to prevent the cybercriminal law enforcement from any sort of investigation. The most amazing fact is that Monero Cryptocurrency describes itself as a private, secure and untraceable Cryptocurrency coin. Thus, it can be stated that both Cryptocurrency and dark web are connected strongly to each other.

The dark web has hosted several drug-dealing syndicates all over the world. Almost all types of drugs whether controlled or uncontrolled can be searched and procured easily over the darknet markets. The buyers only need Cryptocurrency wallets, shipping or delivery address, and a computer for successful transactions. The primary difficulty in this is that the virtual coins along with the modern way of drug dealing have highly put law enforcement into trouble. Thus, law enforcement education plays a major role.


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