Sicilian Hitmen Hire Scam Emerged on the Dark Web


Lately, a new hitman for hire website has sprung up on the dark web which is intended to scam people on the dark web. The new site is known as Sicilian Hitmen. Going through the detailed features of the Sicilian Hitmen hire scam, it could be easily stated that the same developers of the former hitman for hire websites, Besa Mafia and Crime Bay by Chechen Mob. The site offers murder services that are contracted and frequently involves in scamming people on the dark web. Unlike the Besa Mafia, the Sicilian Hitmen website bears an appealing interface offering several services that are payable by the Bitcoins to explore the unexpected levels of violence, acid attacks and murders that are carried out on behalf of the clients.

It is quite a known fact the activities that are carried on the dark web are mostly illegal. However, the hitman service website is not one of them since the website offers certain services which are mostly a scam. Reddit has exposed the thoughts and concerns of the users about the latest hitman site. The Sicilian Hitmen scam site is vulnerable to hacking as well. Taking into consideration the similarity between the Besa Mafia, Crime Bay and Sicilian Hitmen websites, it can stated with confidence that the Sicilian Hitmen website will not be able to spread much before it is hacked and exposed to be a Hitmen Hire Scam. The reason to expect that the Sicilian Hitmen will experience a breach soon is the hacking of the Besa Mafia made public after the researchers at the Risk-Based Security reported it in a blog post published in the year 2016. It would be pretty fascinating to clear about the type of defense mechanisms employed by the admins as the hackers are counting ways to get into the database of the Sicilian Hitmen hire scam website.


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