Owner of Sheep Marketplace Pleads Guilty of Bitcoin Theft


As the reports state, Tomáš Jiřikovský has been found to be the owner of the Sheep Marketplace who is facing additional charges that is related to the stealing of Bitcoins worth millions of dollars from the website’s users. He was arrested on March 2016. At that time the law enforcement officials were planning to charge him for dealing of the drugs. Nevertheless, they have uncovered some of his other illegal activities during the tenure of his investigation. The Sheep Marketplace has gained an immense popularity after the seizure of the original Silk Road marketplace. After the arrest of the owner of the Silk Road marketplace, very little information could be gathered.

During the year 2013 and 2014, the law enforcement officials had arrested two men from Florida who have been accused for stealing as much as 5,400 Bitcoins from the Sheep Marketplace. The amount of the digital currency stolen by the accused was even more. At that period it was reported that $40 million of Bitcoins had been stolen. On the other hand, the Florida men have stole the Bitcoins using Blockchain.info service. According to Danek, the officers have tracked the suspicious transactions after the shutdown of the Sheep Marketplace. The South Moravian police have come to know about the Sheep Marketplace soon after its disappearance that caused a major disturbance on the internet.

The law enforcement was later notified that a man from the South Moravia whose profile resembled the owner of the Sheep Marketplace was receiving some sort of suspicious transactions and the man became rich pretty soon. This has prompted the officials of the law enforcement to start tracing the money that was being deposited in the bank account of the wife of the accused named Eva Bartosova. She had received an amount of $38,000 from abroad and was connected to the case of money laundering charges.


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