Darknet Sex Advertisement: 22 Genesee County Accused Arrested


Robert Pickell, the Genesee County Sheriff has held a news conference recently in order to give updates after 22 alleged were arrested on the crimes in relation with the soliciting sex with the underage children and placing an advertisement on the dark web. The Sheriff has said that the arrests were a result of a month long investigation that began in April. The accused were identified as John Barrows of Flint Financial Advisor, Carl who is a senior Vice President of Comerica bank and George Huffman who is known to run for the United States Senate, the State House of Representative.

The Sheriff also states that an advertisement was placed on the dark web in order to lure the individuals into having sex with the underage children. He stated that the advertisement seemed to be bait for the victims who ran behind it like a fish. The advertisement used the photos of young resembling male and female police officers.

To this Pickell adds that while in the investigation, it was learnt that Michael Foster also have had alleged sex with a 2 year old family member apart from a 6 year old girl that was allegedly trafficked by her mother named Jennifer Beckman.

The sheriff says that the accused have been booked under the allegation of sexual abusive activity of children, accosting children for immoral purposes and communicating through internet or computer with one another to commit a crime. He also states that the other charges were also pending. All the individuals will be collectively facing the prison session for over 1000 years. The predators and the paedophiles were provided with warning.

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