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Senior Adults Comparatively Succumb to Fraud at Higher Rates

Whether it’s decking the hall, cooking the feast, celebrating with friends, shopping for gifts or just celebrating the season, holidays are a busy time of the year. Do not let threat actors and scammers take advantage of the chaos and make you one of the victims. A study conducted through AARP found out that nearly 20 % of the adults were not able to answer the basic question regarding fraud and how to identify them and what are the precursors to test their ability to make their system in the fold in the system. This time of the year, most of the business are shut down as the year ends and all of them are busy in social occasion. Scammers are waiting for this time of the season to take advantage by targeting the most vulnerable section which is the elderly people. This was the statements made by Kathey Stokes, director of fraud prevention programs for AARP.

Holiday scams are one of the most common types of scams each tear. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Centre, thousands of people fall victim of holiday scams and can rob you of the hard earned money, personal credential and at the very best a festive mood. The two most common types of scams are non delivery and non-payment crimes, the agency said in a press conference. In non-delivery scams the users who ordered goods or services via the online medium never receives the goods and services. In non-payment scams the users an item is delivered but the payment is never received. According to the FBI both these non-delivery and non-payment scams accounted for losses of more than $184 million. The number of victims that fall prey was more than 65,000 across the United States.


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For local residents, however local police said crimes of opportunity where the scammer is able to confuse or trick the intended victims in order to get the payment is more common and prevalent. The most common type of scams around the world is gift card scams. The law enforcement officials in Westerly and Stonington said that there has not been a rise in such unfortunate events. During the holiday season many of the top corporations donate funds in support of the cause. Westerly police Chief Shawn lacey said in an interview earlier this year that the most of the victims that fall prey to such victims either do not report to the police department in the fear of the criminal or in other case the victims own personal reason. Unfortunately, the FBI and AARP both report that scammers try to get in on the actions to line their own pockets.


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There was a survey being organized by AARP. The survey revealed that one third of the people questioned in the survey told that they had received a donation from a group that was likely fraudulent. The survey also revealed that most of the people majority of them being adults do not research before donating their money. The survey also found that most of these incidents go unnoticed and never care to check the source of the receipts. Before making a donation, experts recommend using charity-rating sites such as Give.org or CharityNavigator.org to make sure the solicitation is from a legitimate organization. You can also check on what percentage of collected donations actually support the charitable purpose.

Source: The Westerly Sun

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