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Criptomoneda: Speaking of technology Blockchain in many cases it is synonymous with security. And that is, the cryptographic technology that is in the core of the strings of blocks makes them impossible to alter. So it is very easy to relax with regard to the protection of our Cryptocurrencies.

However, what is certain is that our criptoactivos are not automatically safe to be in a Blockchain. Since, the network’s block ensures only the reliability of the database on the working of the crypto, not crypto in if. That is to say, notwithstanding the use of technology Blockchain for its operation, a criptomoneda can suffer a cyber attack.

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The reason for this is that the storage of the crypto is in charge of third parties responsible for their own safety. The wallets they function as separate platforms of the Blockchain, which facilitate the storage and transactions of the criptomoneda. Thus, while wallets serve as facilitators for the operation of the Blockchain, do not count in themselves with their cryptographic protection.

For this reason, if you do not have appropriate security and safety standards, the wallets can be the object of cyberattacks. The same would focus on breaking the barriers erected by the wallet, and not in the chain and their blocks. Thus, it is of crucial importance to choose which type of wallet you use to protect your savings in Cryptocurrencies. While wallets or desktop physical provide a level of security is quite decent, the exchanges do not. If you do not choose wisely the place where we store our money, we can all be victims of cyberattacks.

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This would be the case of the Fusion Network, created by the Fusion Foundation, and that it would have suffered a massive theft in one of their wallets. The Fusion Network works with your own token ERC-20, FSN. And this day, Saturday suffered a theft of 3.5 million tokens FSN, which is equivalent to $ 3.75 million, one of their wallets.

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