FBI Worldwide Crackdown: Hundreds Arrested In Scam Romances


Ever wonder what became of the Nigerian romantic in a financial jam or the lottery winner who needed your help to claim his winnings? The Justice Department announced Tuesday that it had arrested 281 of them – including 74 people in the United States – and charged them with wire fraud, money laundering and other digital scams. The scams were designed to prey on the vulnerable group of people. The operation reWired was the brainchild of the federal bureau of investigation that was targeting fraud and culprits who target people and extorted money through scamming them digitally through computer assisted fraud. The scammers who targeted or zeroed on people through the help of computer assistance were common people and citizen. Their targeted people belonged from various occupations like real-estate buyers, businessman and even sometimes elderly people who generally have a surplus fund in their bank account which then can be used to launder money.

Image source: www.usatoday.com

The computer assisted fraud has become a thing of the present and has been widespread across the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the scammers would impersonate a key employee by the means of a romantic relationship or by luring them into a trap that is often dangerous. Once the employee has been in the grasp then the scammer would get vital information like gaining victims’ bank account details or getting hold of the email account even getting information about the tax record the victims pay. According to the press release by the Justice Department, the computer assisted fraud ring included people from Nigeria, Turkey, Ghana, France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Of the countries mentioned above about 167 people were from Nigeria, 18 from Turkey, 15 from Ghana and others from the rest of the countries. According to the IRS Criminal Investigation, the computer assisted fraud had stolen identities of more than 250000 people and 10000 tax returns.

Source: USA Today

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