Prize-Winning Saudi Cyber Whiz’s Take on the Hackers


Cyber Whiz’s Take: A 28-year-old cyber security specialist Noor Al-Rayes who is an ethical hacker from Saudi Arabia named “inspiring innovator of the year” at a prestigious awards ceremony in London has revealed her secret for staying one step ahead of cyber attackers and says that she acts as an attacker and adopt the hackers mindset. The most important statement that she has put forward was “It takes a hacker to catch a hacker.” Al-Rayes, who is the founder and CEO of Alien Security and co-founder and chief operating officer of Securmind has received the “inspiring innovator of the year” award from London-based private bank named Arbuthnot Latham on 5th of June.

After accepting the award, she had urged the governments and businesses to step up their campaign and be more aggressive and active in the fight against cyber crime which is now at peak. She also states that many companies offer ethical hacking services while they approach it from an information security perspective and not a hacker perspective. Furthermore, she adds that the severity and the complexity of recent cyber attacks require more than traditional approaches to fight the cyber crime and maximize cyber defence.

Al-Rayes has described the recent major advances in the digital world as “a double-edged sword,” and has also warned that future cyber security incidents could prove “catastrophic.” With this, she says that advances in technology have brought so many positive aspects, but there is a downside which can be stated as everything is susceptible to hacking. If a hacker possesses the right skills, experience, knowledge, tools and time, he or she will be able to hack into any system given to them or are acquired.

Cyber security is growing in importance (as a lot of cyber attack incidences are coming into light with each passing day). Cyber wars now represent a serious threat to national security and cannot be out looked. The cyber security expert says that the outcomes of a major cyber security incident of that nature could be catastrophic, which is why the ethical hackers are a powerful addition to any defence strategy where they work both on the defensive and offensive sides.

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