How the Dark Web Twitches in the Underbelly of San Diego


The Dark Web portrays a very incandescent picture of the youth in the true sense where they receive and line up their packages in unmarked plastic bags and cardboard boxes that are haphazardly piled around the damp warehouse, protected by the armed gang members outside the warehouse. Drugs have been the easiest thing to be acquired (drug smuggling) through the dark web that not only facilitates the older but to a great extent to the youths.

A Retired Navy Commander named Adolph Garza lately pled guilty of purchasing huge amounts of multiple varieties of drugs from a number of different dark web vendors. He has been a resident of San Diego, California for a very long time but has been bought and distributed the controlled substances since the last quarter of 2016 during the time when Donald Trump won the presidency. One of the major issues in the 2016 Trump campaign was the immigration, drug smuggling and the building of a large physical wall that encloses the border. The international black market has grown in the technological sophistication and is greatly helped by the anonymity provided by the dark web.

Adolph Garza’s case is just a symptom of the growing issues that faces the modern world. California is pretty fortunate to receive a huge boon to the economy through the rapid growth in the tech industries. During 2010 till 2015, fieldworks have to do with the biology, computers and pharmaceutical research and various other R&D that grew immensely. With huge rise in the profits at jet speed, people from around the country and as well as the world have decided to move in California. Thus, San Diego of California has become the central hub for the numerous technology firms. Dark Web has been the focal point where the most attention is required.


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