SamSara Darknet Website is Down Due To DDOS Attacks


SamSara market one of the most popular Darkent market is yet down another time according to one of the recent post by one of market’s most senior vendors. There has been no such official news or post that has been communicated to the users despite the site being down for several days. The SamSara market is the official website and is considered the successor of the Dream Market or in other words Dream market is the predecessor of the now operating but temporarily shut down SamSara Market.

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Although the sudden and mistimed shut of the Darknet market place was initially blamed on a denial of service but the administrators withdrew their statement. The administrators of the market have not been yet able to identify the reason for such attacks and have not uncovered what caused the deadly attack. The market staff is approaching nearly two weeks without hearing or getting any official reply from the administrators of the marketplace. The SamSara market has been under a heavy stress and had been struggling for months due to an ongoing denial-of –service attacks. It frequently ran into errors and timed out during the middle of the sessions. Users saw the messages from staff on the SamSara homepage that often contained information about the denial of service attack and the implementation of countermeasures.

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Darknet live seems to stop receiving messages from the Darknet market about one month back. Others users on Dread marketplace have seemed to have experienced such trouble logging in. Waterchain brought some clarity when he told that the administrators were not arrested and that he had no free time. In short the market administrators had apparently told the operators of the Darknet market to be online on November 9. On November 9, SamSara staff noticed that the market was down and that the administrator had stopped responding to their messages.

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