SamSam Ransomware Suspects Summoned by FBI


A severe cybercrime scheme had victimized the U.S. and Canada lately that affected the operations of the several critical networks in both the countries. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S.) has filed for a summon that accuses two men ( SamSam Ransomware Suspects) from Iran to have masterminded the crime. The two men are accused of launching ransomware to the various organizations that included hospitals, municipalities and public institutions to extort them.

The Justice Department has unsealed an indictment in the Newark of New Jersey on 28th of November. The federal grand jury who was in charge of the case returned the indictment. The DA of New jersey, named Craig Carpenito has charged Faramasz Shahi Savandi aged 34 years and Mohammad Mehdi Shah Mansouri aged 27 years ( SamSam Ransomware Suspects) with the participation in computer hacking and extortion that used sophisticated malware. There were six charges in total that included two conspiracy charges of which one is to commit computer-related fraud and the other is to commit wire fraud. The charges also covered two counts of the international computer damage and even two more counts of making a demand related to the destruction of the protected computers.

The indictment stated that the suspects have allegedly committed the crimes while residing in Iran and the ransomware attacks began in December of 2015. They took the advantage of the vulnerabilities in the networks of the victims. As per Benczkowski, there has never been such an indictment prior to this. The severity of these attacks has offered motivation to the Criminal Division to be more persistent in the pursuit of the cybercriminals that victimize the Americans. The indictment provided details of the creation of the ransomware. The alleged suspects have come up with the SamSam in the year 2015. They have also improved the malware twice in the year 2017 in the month of July and again in October.


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