61 Arrests Held Post SaboTor Operation


Lately, a team working against online drug trafficking named J-CODE has arrested 61 individuals having connection with the opioid trade on the dark web. J-CODE, the acronym for Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement, has co-ordinated its operation internationally named as SaboTor. The name of the crackdown acquired its name from the words ‘sabotage’ and ‘Tor’ that provides access to the dark web. SaboTor is the second co-ordinated operation by J-CODE which followed the success of the Operation Disarray that has been conducted in early 2018. The announcement of the SaboTor arrests came right after the Dream Market which is one of the top dark web markets released the news of it about to shut down on April 30.

The operation SaboTor was responsible for the arrest of 61 suspects and the closure of the 50 darknet accounts for conducting illicit activity. The team conducted a total of 122 interviews and has acquired 65 search warrants during the course of the investigations. The investigating team has seized around 299.5 kilograms of the drugs, over $7 to $4.5 million of the money in Cryptocurrency and 51 weapons. The accused also held $2.48 million in cash and $40,000 in the form of gold.

The operation SaboTor has entailed several joint operations between the different law enforcement agencies all throughout the world. All of these operations had a common goal that is to eradicate the opioid epidemic that has stuck the nations across the globe. The operation SaboTor took place between January and March 2019 where the agencies pooled the resources to make the operation a success. They have managed to identify and as well as disorient the opioid dealers and the groups that have facilitated the sales. J-CODE was established in the early months of 2018 and it has proved to be a stout barricade for those who wanted to use the dark web to cause the drug sales.


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