Russian Intelligence Monitoring Russian Dark Web


Russian Dark Web is not only the biggest but also the oldest. 1997 was the year Russia created the Russian Dark Web back. It started off very basic user interfaces, and now it’s websites that have been around for over a decade and deep forums, message boards, market places. The Russian Dark Web is actually a legal business. Millions of dollars being made off of, you name it, cybercrime malware, Zero days, but drugs, human trafficking as well. There are a few things that we’ve been researching lately that tend to be trending that don’t exist in other languages in the Dark Web. And one thing that has been noticed lately is insider trading is a really big issue. So we’re talking about Russian working inside government agencies in Russia, working for ISPs and telecom companies that are selling insider information on the Dark Web.


That’s something we don’t see elsewhere, and it’s actually really successful so far. Not necessarily regarding trading, but talking about valuable information that could be used to exploit certain assets. So for example, one was offering cell phone tracking services for sale. The individual worked for a telecom company inside Russia, and they’re selling geolocation services. So if I give you a cell phone number you’d be able to track down, within a couple of miles, where that cell phone is located. But not just location, also call logs and text message logs too.

We’re seeing unique information come out of there because they’re technically way more advanced than other users of the Dark Web around the world. Russian Dark Web is far advanced and ahead of the game. So for example, earlier this year before the Blue Keep vulnerability was disclosed, there were Russian threat actors on cybercrime forums talking about this vulnerability, creating exploits for it and testing it before anybody else had been talking about it. So they’re ahead of the rest of the world. And I think there are many environmental factors that contribute to that culture of criminality in the Russian Dark Web. And one is that the government just turns a blind eye to most of it. If it’s not specifically negatively affecting the Russian government or Russian entities, they turn a blind eye to the crime. It’s almost like they’re giving permission to criminals to use this Dark Web forum for crime and business.

Source: Tech Republic

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