Illicit Trading of Content Management System to US News Sites Spotted


It has been revealed by an Israeli threat intelligence company, Sixgill, that a Russian darknet forum is involved in trading a good number of accesses to the content management system of a large number of news portals. It has been spotted that the illicit sale of the content management system has been going on since the month of October, 2018. It has been found out that the forum has successfully offered logins to 1425 US based news portals. They have conducted a series of bidding where the starting bid value was $600 having outright purchase of $1200. The bid value fell down in the second bid where the price was kept at $50 having the outright price at $150.

The intelligent expert at Sixgill, Alex Karlinsky, believes that the illicit trade of the content management system backs a political cause and would provide the buyers with the ability to alter the news already present in the news portals. The incident marked the phase when Russians were accused of using the Facebook and news portals to have an impact on the 2016’s general election.

The Internet plays a key role in offering news and information of all kinds. With the illegitimate trading of the content management system, the authenticity of the news is getting lost giving rise to biased information. The incident though reveals that the virtual sources of news are prone to political influence. Cybercrimes have become very common these days causing a lot of damage to the companies. Loss of data is the major unfortunate incident happening every year like access to the secrets of various law firms that have been traded illegitimately on the Dark Web in mid 2018. The data are traded at a much higher price on the darknet which is a pro for the ones selling and buying them.


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