Ross Ulbricht Pardon: Crypto Players Are Earnestly Pleading To The President


It is just 44 days wait for Joe Biden to be inaugurated as the new President of the United States. The crypto players have started appealing to the would-be former U.S. president to utilize his power and pardon the Silk Road (now-defunct dark web marketplace) founder Ross Ulbricht under the Ross Ulbricht pardon case. 

In the latest tweet, the Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder named Jason Williams has already pleaded with the President and asked him to “do the right thing” by initiating the Ross Ulbricht pardon. He has also mentioned pardoning Edwards Snowden, who happens to be a whistleblower.

Another individual named Peter McCormack of “What Bitcoin Did” podcast has also added that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks should also be pardoned.

The three mentioned potential pardons – Assange, Snowden and Ulbricht – are just three of the many names mentioned by the pundits, advisers and the conservative commentators before the Presidency alters. Ross Ulbricht is a very famous personality who is still serving his prison sentence of two life sentences without parole. He was found guilty of federal charges levied on him for computer hacking, money laundering along with conspiring to traffic narcotics. 

Edward Snowden, who became a whistleblower and was formerly a National Security Agency contractor, had left the United States back in 2013 and was then granted asylum in Russia. The DOJ or Department of Justice had then charged him with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 alongside government property theft. In a tweet, he has stated that he will be applying for Russian citizenship.

Julian Assange has also faced charges from over one national authority that mentions allegations of sexual assault in Sweden. Back in 2019, the United States had charged him with the violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 that was connected to the release of the documents supplied by U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning on “WikiLeaks”. As of now, Assange is serving his sentence in a U.K. based prison and awaiting an extradition decision that would probably be tried in the U.S.

As per a Supreme Court decision, the U.S. President’s power to pardon someone is typically “unlimited”. However, this ruling is being questioned in the media amidst some rumours. As reports state, the President had already either pardoned, commuted or rescinded the conviction of 45 identities, who were charged with some or other federal offences.

Since there is no specific limit of the total number of federal pardons, the President can issue, deciding who all will be pardoned relies solely on the response to a public outcry or even the personal preference. The President had mentioned in August that he was “going to start looking at” pardoning Edward Snowden. A lawyer for Julian Assange, on the other hand, has claimed that an ex-Republican had offered the WikiLeaks founder a presidential pardon too. What is striking is that Snowden, being a recipient of a pardon himself, has also advocated for Julian Assange to receive a presidential pardon in place of him.

The crypto players are continuously active on their Twitter handles in the hope to put the trio under pardon. But there are a specific group of crypto players who were not that eager to enjoy Ross Ulbricht pardon, owing to the controversial nature of the Silk Road as it facilitated buying and selling of drugs.

“I will never understand why so many Bitcoin maximalists are eager to pardon Ross Ulbricht,” said Jax Draper. “I believe he got an extreme sentence, and that he’s possible of changing, but he’s very far from ‘innocent.’”

Source: CoinTelegraph

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