Hackers Monitored and Played Song for Kid After Breaking Room’s Ring Camera


Over the week, it was reported that hackers had broken into the Ring Camera installed in the room of three young girls, spoke to the girls and played a song through an inbuilt speaker.

According to the report, the dark web hacker was able to watch the girls in DeSoto County, Mississippi, from the camera using software sold on the dark web cheaply. This has raised a serious concern especially to users of the Ring Camera as hackers may be watching them using the device they bought to monitor home.

The Ring Camera

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According to Ashley LeMay, the mother of the three kids, she made extensive research on the camera and was fully convinced that they were safe before getting them. She then installed the Ring Camera in the room of the kids to be able to monitor their activities. The Ring Camera basically works with mobile phones, so users can pick the camera feed from their phones and communicate with anyone around the camera using the speaker. From where the camera was installed, the hacker could watch the entire room including the bedroom and the dresser.

LeMay stated that she got the Ring Camera about four days before the incident, and it is possible that the dark web hacker had been observing them since that day. As claimed by the report, the dark web hacker once played the song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, and could be heard from the inbuilt speaker. The eight-year-old girl who was playing by then asked who was there, and the dark web hacker replied that its Santa. It’s her best friend. The parents admitted that they failed to set a 2-factor authentication for the Ring Camera, making it easier for hackers to take control of the device.

It is also possible that the dark web hacker used the weak password security on their ring account to access the dashboard.
In one of the online forums, Motherboard reported having discovered hackers engaging in an intense conversation on creating a tool to hack into ring accounts. Having access to the accounts can guarantee their access to the Ring Camera. A thread found contained information on hackers developing configurations for varieties of websites.

It was captured on the thread title that Configs have a high Check Per Minute (CPM). It can test if a password and username can access a Ring Camera as quickly as possible according to the report. Also, another thread was found with a hacker selling a ring.com checker for just $6.

The Ring Camera

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A user posted that he saw multiple people asking for the config, establishing the high demand for the software. Another user was also found stating the config can only be used if anyone intends to break into the target’s house. Following this incident, Ring spokesperson released a statement emphasizing how important customers’ trust is to them. He revealed that they are investigating the case, though he can boldly say that the incident is not related to any breach or compromised of their security by the dark web hacker.

As part of the statement, the Ring spokesperson shared some security tips for Ring Camera users to follow in other not to fall victim to this incident again. He stated that all Ring users are entreated to activate the 2-factor authentication on the device, and also make an effort to add shared users instead of sharing credentials with people.

He also advised users to use a stronger password and make it a tradition to change their passwords frequently. It is very dangerous for hackers to get access to the bedroom using a security camera, as they can obtain sensitive videos that can be used for blackmailing and many more. It is therefore advisable for users of Ring camera and other surveillance cameras to activate whatever security instructions available on the device.

Source: VICE

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