Break Cell Phones Not Sweat: Restore Bitcoin Wallet in Minutes


Restoring the funds of your Bitcoin Wallet has never been so easy! With the all new Bitcoin ownership, the users will be able to back up their mnemonic seed phrase in a bid to restore their funds in case of emergency. Just for an example, a device containing the Bitcoin Wallet of a user can get stolen, lost or can even get broken and to retrieve the funds, the users need to have a backup of their Bitcoin Wallet. In here the users will be able to find the way in which they can restore their Bitcoin Wallet account into a fresh new device using the mnemonic seed phrase.

The first thing that any such user needs to do is access the other phone or device that supports the Wallet that is available for iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows and Linux. All of the Bitcoin Wallet accounts supporting these Operating Systems can be restored within few minutes. After one has downloaded the new wallet, the program will prompt the user whether he or she would like to open a new wallet or import an existing wallet. Users need to select the “Import Wallet” option to restore the BTC funds. Now the user needs to enter the 12 words mnemonic seed phrase that he/she had written down when the wallet was first created and press the import tab. It will take a few minutes to restore your funds in the new Bitcoin wallet so one needs to be a little patient.After the completion of the import, the user will be able to find their funds in their account. In case the restoration process does not work at the first attempt, cross check the 12 word seed phrase as multiple attempts might just block your account. This is an positive development as one needs to be very wary.


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