Briefing: Reply Filed By Defence of Silk Road Creator


Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road Creator), the owner of the infamous darknet marketplace Silk Road has been convicted and has been sentenced for life without a parole. The defense team of the convict has filed a reply brief in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals demanding that Silk Road Creator should be granted a new trial with a different district judge. The brief also stated that Ross has used the Silk Road for the criminal activities and claims that the judgement passed was much unfair, biased and should be reconsidered. Additionally, Joshua Dratel (the lawyer of the convict) demands suppression of certain evidence. It also said that even after the sentencing of the convict, there was not any general deterrence of the drug sale.

In the briefing, Dratel also notes certain individuals who sold drugs on the Silk Road and even got short sentence of five years. Drated clearly noted that during the investigation of Ross, two of the investigating officers have been arrested for the crimes that have strong relation to their role in the case. The investigating officers were Shaun Bridges and Cark Force of DEA working for the secret service. Such information could be very useful during the conviction of Ross.

As per Dratel, the court did not allow him to cross examine the witnesses and add more information that could have been critical to the case. But the decision of Judge Katherine Forrest to not permit Dratel to introduce two new witnesses in the trials disabled the defence of Ross. The brief claimed that the Fourth Ammendment principle of particularity has been violated and this has been substantiated by highlighting the digital tracks of the convict. The final claim is that the Pen Register and Trap Trace Order did not adhere to the statutory limitations hence proving it unlawful.


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