Can RepKnight be termed as the New Dark Web Police in Town?


In the technology sphere of today’s world, one of the most common incidents is the data breaches as a lot of them happen every other day in the business environment that use the internet. Most of these data breaches are well known to permeate even the securest of the network despite of the nature of protocols guarding their corridors. The identity protections services are tied to the function of providing alerts to the users whenever a data breach has have happened. To fulfil this demand, the online security innovators tend to collaborate with the industry players to ensure the safety of the data of any organization. RepKnight is a dark web monitoring guru which is one such entity that has used the cutting edge technology to police the dark web. In the latest development the organization has announced its partnership with the StarLink which is a security advisory company. The pan EMEA agreement between both the companies permits StarLink to involve BreachAlert of RepKnight in its portfolio.

According to the Channel Director of RepKnight, it is high time that the organizations embrace the emerging technologies that surround the dark web monitoring. Moreover, IT security organizations must update their portfolio to accommodate innovations that focuses on securing the internet and protect the users across the tech divide. A StarLink executive, Avinash Advani has commented on the achievement by acknowledging his company attitude towards the dark web monitoring. As per the executive, the dark web can be linked to a highly potent weapon on standby that continually seeks to destroy enterprises across the globe. The dark web monitoring thus becomes imperative to all the industry players if the professionalism and the profitability is to be upheld. This the need of the hour as a lot of criminal activity happens over these anonymity network.


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