Remote SimJacker Attacks: Over Twenty Nine Countries Fall Vulnerable


There has been news everywhere about the SimJacker attacks that caused the SimJacker vulnerability all throughout a month. These SimJacker attacks have heavily impacted on the sim cards of all variety. The attack possesses the capability to remotely exploit the sim cards and hack into any mobile devices just by sending an especially crafted binary SMS. Just for the sake of knowledge, the name “SimJacker” has been enrolled to a class of the vulnerabilities that resides due to the perfect lack of the authentication and proprietary security mechanisms that have been implemented by dynamic SIM toolkits and comes embedded in the modern sim cards.

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Amongst a myriad of the sim card vulnerability tool kits, only two of them have been identified such as – [email protected] Browser technology and Wireless Internet Browser (WIB) and have been found vulnerable to the SimJacker attacks. Off lately, the cyber security researchers at the Adaptive Mobile Security have now released a new report that opens up about some more details about the SimJacker attacks where they have tried to address some of the most unanswered questions such as the number of affected operators and countries, along with details on attacks spotted in the wild.

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The list of the affected countries is what people are waiting to see. Although the researchers did not name the affected mobile operators in order to prevent the attackers of the SimJacker attacks from taking advantage of the disclosed vulnerability, they did disclose the names of the countries where the vulnerable sim cards are still in use. The report includes 29 affected countries across five continents, where customers of a total of 61 mobile operators are actively using vulnerable SIMs with [email protected] Browser toolkit:

  • North America: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Panama.
  • South America: Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
  • Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon.
  • Europe: Italy, Bulgaria, and Cyprus.
  • Asia: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

On the contrary, there are only 8 mobile operators in the 7 countries who are proactively using the vulnerable WIB toolkit on their sim cards.

Source: The Hacker News

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