Remote Access Scams Poisoning the Internet


Hackers who pose as internet service provider workers trying to fix customer’s problems are the latest threat from online scammers, Australia’s fraud watchdog has warned. According to the latest sources, the telecommunication ombudsman has suggested according to official data that remote access scams have become a threat to the consumers and clients surfing the internet. According to the press release by the telecommunication, ombudsman Australians have lost more than two million dollars worth of money due to these widespread threats of these remote access scams. So what is this new type of scams that are taking all the cyber experts and the regulators by surprise? Let’s try to understand this new type of scammers who are targeting online consumers on the internet or the World Wide Web.  Typically, remote access scams involve a scammer calling an individual and trying to scare them into providing personal and bank details and convincing them to grant access to their computer in an attempt to fix a reported issue. These scams often come after a real technical issue has been flagged by an individual, the report found.

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Some consumers were said to have called their telecommunication provider’s technical support line with a real problem, only to have a scammer later contact them. This led to the belief in some instances that the scammer works for the company.

How to Protect Yourself against Remote Access Scammers

Always be vigilant when receiving calls from an unknown party. Never give a stranger access to your computer or your banking details, even if they claim to be from technical support.

If you are in doubt of a caller’s intentions, just hang-up. Remember, to discuss a real internet or computer problem you can always just call your Telco back using its public telephone number. Make sure your computer has an up-to-date virus and spyware protection as well as a good firewall.


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