Reasons behind Upsurge of Darknet Drug Sales


Darknet is the most renowned place for all sorts of illicit activities from offering data through data breaches to hitman to drug trade and a lot more. The undaunting nature of the people increases the appetite for the darknet drugs that further keeps live these darknet markets. A latest survey has revealed the consistent growth in the online drug sales through the darknet markets since the year 2014 where Scotland, Brazil and England proves to be the leading countries for quenching the thirst of their natives for the narcotics procured through the darknet markets.

The Global Drugs Survey, commonly known as GDS is the largest poll of its kind has recently published its 2019 report into the state of the recreational drugs market that questioned over 123,000 people from over 30 countries. The findings have included darknet drug purchase that is doubling in England. Since the year 2014, 28.6% of the respondents have purchased drugs from the Darknet markets.

While the hard drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin and xanax can be harmful irrespective of from where they have been purchased, the reputation system implemented by the darknet markets is such that it easily minimizes the risks of procuring these drugs through them. The online purchases also mitigate the threat of being robbed or receive drugs in diluted form or even receiving counterfeit products. This results in the users to opt for the darknet markets for both convenience and safety.

The 2019 Global Drug Survey disclosed that 87% of the respondents were white while the 59% of them were male having mean age of 29. The most commonly purchased Darknet Drug Sales  in the last one year included cannabis, MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD and magic mushrooms. The darknet buyers records over 25% people who purchased drugs from the darknet markets last year and for the first time.


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