Reality behind Hype of Artificial Intelligence & Cryptocurrency


Considering any industry, the AI is the future leap of a company. With these, the Cryptocurrency sector is no different having a lot of the 2017’s ICOs mentioning the concepts somewhere in their whitepapers in order to explore a cutting edge technology. But what more is to be considered is aside the hype what impact will the Artificial Intelligence (AI) have on the Cryptocurrency industry and whether its rise would ultimately render human traders obsolete. It has been proven that the start-ups have described as being involved with the AI has been attracting more funding that the other tech companies which is why it is quite understandable why the companies are so keen to cash in on the hype. Unfortunate enough, this has served to drown out a large portion of the real progress that has been made in the AI based technologies.

Within the smaller Cryptocurrency sector, there has been an assumption that there are too many exogenous factors for the AI based tools to have an edge. This assessment will soon seem obsolete for the development of software that possess the capability to stimulate trillions of trading days and the algorithmic trading powered by the AI will inevitably prevail. There are a number of areas in which the artificial technology has been worth when it comes to automatic trading. One of these is the high frequency trading (HFT) that relies on the analysis of technical indicators across the multiple exchanges in order to respond to the market moving trades faster than the rest of the market.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) also possesses the capability to facilitate automated trading through the API connected to the leading exchanges. Traders can be able to select the indicators they wish the software to base its decision making on the RSI and EMA and the desired frame of time.


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