Detroit Rapper Involved in Darknet Fraud Activities Got Arrested


Darknet Fraud: A rapper from Detroit named Selfmade Kash and bearing real name Jonathan Woods has been arrested having charges of identity theft, wire fraud and possession of unauthorized devices. He has shared his expertise in the fraud through teaching people on how to use the dark web to search for the stolen Bank Identification Numbers (BINs). It was found out according to the prosecutors that the fraud, the 25 year old rapper was depicting online appeared to be very genuine.

Selfmade Kash mentioned himself as the “Swipe God” and has boasted about the credit card theft he is involved in each and every music video through social media such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. As per the arraignment, Selfmade Kash taught the darknet fraud aspirants on how to explore the vast sections of the dark web to buy stolen MasterCard numbers and steal the identities. The cyber frauds accessing on the dark web have employed various methods to launder money of the users or the customers like the PayPal, Bitcoin and the other transfer services. It has also been found out that many such individuals contacted Jonathan through Twitter and Instagram to receive information on how they could pull out the Visa extortions. Investigators also stated that Woods received payment for delivering his expertise through MoneyGram and Western Union. Later on it was found out that the data provided to the clients by the rapper was totally useless.

Jonathan wears a huge gold credit card chain in all of his music videos and in all the posts on the social media. There are titles in his music that is directly related to his activity on the dark web such as “Swipe God Freestyle” and “I Swipe, I Trust”. It is unclear if his lyrics assisted the police to arrest him as the case was formed based on his online activities. His social media posts and lyrics might be used in the court.


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